Hey, thank you for the interest in getting a first look through this program. The purpose of this page is to give you an understanding of what this project is about and give you direct links to each of the daily pieces.

I would love any advice from you on the flow of the pieces to the content covered each day. I can’t promise that they will be implemented, but they will definitely be seriously considered.

Goal: to have people go through this program and learn:

  • How to save 1000 – 10,000+ each year
  • Reducing expenses that don’t bring as much joy to their life so that they can put even more money to those things that do bring joy
  • A framework to allocate money in order for them to live a life where everything gets even better over time
  • Not allowing others to determine their worth and to take it into their own hands -> increases their value within a company much faster
  • How money makes the life they ultimately want to live possible

Day 1 – Why is money important

Day 2 – Saving 1000s via phone and broadband

Day 3 – Savings 1000s through rent

Day 4 – Saving 10,000s through transportation

Day 5 – 4 more ways to get more

Day 6 – Introducing 4 buckets

Day 7 – Bucket 1: Daily Expenses

Day 8 – Bucket 2: Fun

Day 9 – Bucket 3: Skill Development

Day 10 – Your perfect life

Day 11 – Your retirement

Day 12 – A 5th bucket: checking off your life goals

Day 13 – How will money fuel your aspirations?

General comments: