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Video 3: In This Session, You Will Learn How To Things You Had Learned Previously Into Real Life With Real Case Study


Here comes to our last session, we hope you got benefited from these free training sessions…

Let’s recap the things you have learned so far:

  • The 4 key steps to generating higher returns with lower risks
  • Introduction of value growth investing and the investment quadrant
  • The #1 secret to profitability
  • Real case study walkthrough

Now, you got all the necessary knowledge and information to succeed in your investing.


Even though our free sessions have come to an end, but this is not the end of your journey, this is just the beginning to your 6 figures investment profits…

But hold on…

What if we have a proven framework that covered everything for you (everything you need to make your first $100,000 investment profits)from reading the financials to picking the stocks, to how long they wait, to how long they will sell.

So, you don’t have to spend 5 years or 11 years to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and most importantly avoid burning thousand and thousands of hard-earned money before making your first investment profit. 

All you need is to follow the proven framework “Investment Quadrant” founded by The Fifth Person (you will always get the latest version for FREE)

This proven framework has generated over $1,000,000 for The Fifth Person in the last 8 years. It is also the proven method to 2X, 3X, or 4X Your Money…

Here are the results by using “Investment Quadrant Framework”

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 1


Using the steps listed in the Investment Quadrant, we found out that there is a huge demand for dormitory space in the coming months.

​We invested into ​Centurion and cash out for​ +234% in return. ​​If you’d put $10,000 right before they took off, It’ll have ​turned into $33,400​!!!

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 2

Netflix +​210% R​OI

​​If you know how to spot ‘growth’, Netflix’s subscriber’s growth was above market expectation. We saw that and took a stake in the company. ​

​​If ​you bought ​Netflix at the time, you’d have turned every $10,000 into $31,000! ​

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 3

YAHOO! +​106% R​OI

Yahoo!​ ​​had ​a 22.6% stake in ​Alibaba​.​​Investing into Yahoo! is​ like a ‘doorway’​ into a ‘Pre-Ipo’ Alibaba. ​

Using the investment Quadrant formula, ​we found out that Yahoo! was undervalued and​ took a stake ​in ​​mid 2012.​ In 201​4, Alibaba went ​public​ and ​2X our money in 18 months.

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 4


Major Cineplex is a ​​​Bangkok’s largest cinema oper​ator. ​Because of the political unrest in Thailand back in 2014, ​Major’s share price ​dropped by close to 20%. ​

​After calculating it’s intrinsic value​, ​we know for sure that ​it was undervalued​. ​​We ​took a stake and in less than two years, sold it for ​a return on investment of +105%​.

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 5


Those who know how to look will discover Super’s growth ​trend before it happens. ​

We ​took advantage of it at $1.​31 and in less than two years, ​booked an impressive return on investment of​​ +243.5%! For every ​​$10,000 you invest, ​It’ll have turned into ​​​$34,350​!

There are more…

Investment Quadrant framework also helped to turnaround a negative $400,000 stock portfolio into one with over $2 million in profits within just two years…

Do you want to make the same investment returns?

You can do the same because the framework is for people from having zero investing experience to sophisticated investors. 

  • You don’t need any prior experience in investing
  • You don’t need to be a genius in math
  • You don’t need to figure out complicated charts or price patterns
  • You don’t need to sit by your computer and monitor stock prices
  • You don’t need to have a lot of money to get started…

As long as you follow the systematic formula, you’ll start to see your portfolio balloon in value over time.

The proven framework to make 107%, 133%, 211% or more investment returns

“Investment Quadrant”

This system will show you how to find stocks that give 100-400% more in returns with lower risk…

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The proven framework to make 107%, 133%, 211% or more investment returns

“Investment Quadrant”

This system will show you how to find stocks that give 100-400% more in returns with lower risk…

Imagine yourself acquiring the same skill and generating 107%, 133%, 211%, or more investment returns!

You can…

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 6

Retired Happily And Cheerfully Without Money Concern

video 3 - 2 Case Studies 7

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video 3 - 2 Case Studies 8

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