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Video 1: Intro to value growth investing and the investment quadrant that been proven to produce 107%, 133% or 211% returns…

107%, 133% or 211% returns seem impossible?
Let me prove to you with real results

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Using the steps listed in the Investment Quadrant, we found out that there is a huge demand for dormitory space in the coming months.

​We invested into ​Centurion and cash out for​ +234% in return. ​​If you’d put $10,000 right before they took off, It’ll have ​turned into $33,400​!!!

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Netflix +​210% R​OI

​​If you know how to spot ‘growth’, Netflix’s subscriber’s growth was above market expectation. We saw that and took a stake in the company. ​

​​If ​you bought ​Netflix at the time, you’d have turned every $10,000 into $31,000! ​

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YAHOO! +​106% R​OI

Yahoo!​ ​​had ​a 22.6% stake in ​Alibaba​.​​Investing into Yahoo! is​ like a ‘doorway’​ into a ‘Pre-Ipo’ Alibaba. ​

Using the investment Quadrant formula, ​we found out that Yahoo! was undervalued and​ took a stake ​in ​​mid 2012.​ In 201​4, Alibaba went ​public​ and ​2X our money in 18 months

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Major Cineplex is a ​​​Bangkok’s largest cinema oper​ator. ​Because of the political unrest in Thailand back in 2014, ​Major’s share price ​dropped by close to 20%. ​

​After calculating it’s intrinsic value​, ​we know for sure that ​it was undervalued​. ​​We ​took a stake and in less than two years, sold it for ​a return on investment of +105%​.

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Those who know how to look will discover Super’s growth ​trend before it happens. ​

We ​took advantage of it at $1.​31 and in less than two years, ​booked an impressive return on investment of​​ +243.5%! For every ​​$10,000 you invest, ​It’ll have turned into ​​​$34,350​!

video-1-intro-to-iq 6


We ​were looking through our watchlist and found Japan Foods t​o be undervalued after calculating its intrinsic value.​ ​

In 2010, we invested in the company and cash out within 3 years for a return on investment of +175​.92%. Pretty decent for a small F&B company in Singapore.​

Yes…you are right…this is real…

With the proven framework founded by The Fifth Person “Investment Quadrant”, you can generate the same results as you saw above.

Not only that, but you can also generate more and more returns…

This framework has been helping The Fifth Person generating $1,000,000 + return over the last 8 years…

So, imagine yourself generating the same returns in the next 8 years.

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See you in the class.

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