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StashAway Simple will give you 2.4% without any holding periods
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If You:

> Want high interest,but don’t want any risks.

> Want access to your money,but still get paid and don’t know where to start。



StashAway Simple is like a savings account that gives you the best interest without any risks.

In other words, StashAway allows you to make money while sleeping.

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Get Better Returns That Fixed Deposits

With interest rates so low, fixed deposits are now only giving up to 2.2% for a 9 month FD.
With StashAway Simple, you get 2.4% AND you do not have any mandatory holding period.

No minimums

Banks and fixed deposits typically require you to give them more money before they will give you a better interest rate. Unless you have over RM100,000 to put away, you won’t get any good deals from them.

StashAway Simple is different. They are willing to give you their amazing 2.4% even if you only have RM1 to start.


StashAway Simple is Shariah-compliant, making it accessible to everyone!

Our Best Deal Guarantee for StashAway Simple

  • The best option for those who want rates similar to FDs but the flexibility of a savings account
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P.P.P.S. The real purpose of StashAway Simple is to give you the best interest rate without locking up your money at any time.