The Investing Platform You Need To Achieve Your Financial Goals

You can now invest without putting in time and effort because everything will be done by StashAway automatically

Invest With Peace

Skip The Guesswork

Focus On What Matters Most

Investing is Suppose to Be Easy But…


  • Nobody gave you an easy to understand investment plan  
  • Stocks investing is expensive and time-consuming  
  • There’s so many lies
  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working


StashAway will take care everything for you (It will also help you to invest automatically)…

Even a non-investor can start to invest in just 30 minutes…

All you need to do is just spend 30 minutes to set up an account, your financial goals and risk preference…

And if you sign up for StashAway through our link, you can also save up to 50% fees (worth up to RM375) and get a chance to enter our exclusive giveaway.

StashAway Will Help You In Reach Your Financial Goals And End Your Financial Problems

Let StashAway Take Care Of Your Wealth. So, You Can Focus On Enjoying Your Life

StashAway is a Robo Advisor that helps you to invest your money automatically, allowing you to make money while you’re asleep.

We call it “Passive Investing”

Passive Investing Performs Better Than 95% Of Stock Professionals

Did you know that the most successful investor (Warren Buffet) made a bet with some of the biggest investment professionals in the world that passive investing would beat their active investing?

After 10 years, passive investing made 85.4% while the active investing made between 2.9% to 62.8%. The average was 22.9%.

That’s a big difference considering that the active investments have a team of super-smart professionals who probably graduated at the top of their classes doing this full time!

What are the chances that you can do better than these highly paid professionals?

If you’re honest with yourself, then you know that the odds of you doing better than them are close to zero.

But instead, if you go with passive investing, you will most likely beat 95% of them.

And, most importantly, you don’t have to spend hours and hours to learn about companies.

StashAway is the biggest passive investment company in Malaysia.

So if you want to do better than 95% of professional investment managers without doing any work, then StashAway is designed exclusively for you.

What are you waiting for? Start Your Investing Journey.

Your Plan To Achieve Your Financial Goals And Live Your Dream Life

1. Sign Up StashAway Through Our Giveaway Link

(Get 50% Fees Waived)


2. Spend 30 Minutes To Set Up Your Account

3. Set Your Financial Goals & Risk Preference

What Makes StashAway So Special?

Save More Than 50% of Fees

The most Stashaway charges is less than 1%

Why does this matters?

If your unit trust charges 2% then your total portfolio would be 50% more in 30 years.

Also there are no ‘entry fees’. You can literally start with RM10

Set it and Forget it (Designed For Busy People)

You can now set StashAway to automatically withdraw from your bank account and invest it without you having to do a single thing.

This is the real meaning of passive income.

Custom Made For Your Goals

Looking to buy a house? Take care of your children’s education? Or have the money to quit your job one day?

StashAway will build you a personalized financial plan and investment portfolios that reflect your preferences and that perform best in the current economic conditions.

What People Talk About StashAway

This is a good platform to invest for the long term. The app has a good interface. Plus, it’s very transparent. They always provide investment insights for customers

Jared Yim

Started using StashAway and other robos together last year to track which performs the best. The returns have been fairly even with no clear winner until Covid-19. The virus comes at the right time as a test to compare the robos’ performance. So far, StashAway gives me the highest return

Henry Tay

StashAway is a very convenient and straightforward robo-investment tool. Comes with a very considerate and helpful team which address and teaches newbies like me on how to grow my finances. Highly recommend!!

Soh Wei Kiam

The More Money Malaysia Guarantee For Signing up for StashAway

We guarantee that you won't find a better deal for signing up for using StashAway for passive investing anywhere else.

We say that because:

  • StashAway allows you to invest in the stock market without having to learn anything AND still do better than 95% of unit trusts
  • Signing up for StashAway through us gives you up to RM375 in savings compared to signing up directly
  • After depositing money into StashAway, you will also qualify for our exclusive giveaway
What would you do with an extra RM41,962.82?
Because that’s how much you would be saving in fees compared to your typical unit trust.

And we haven’t even talked about the actual performance yet… (they’ll do better which means the gap is even bigger!)