Here’s the replay on how to reduce your premiums by 50%+

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We're excited to share with you what we learned from JianSheng. To give you an idea of who he is, JianSheng is an insurance agent who specialises in working with Allianz. He has helped some of his higher end clients save over RM100,000 and his more traditional client save over RM15,000. JianSheng is willing to share his tips and tricks in reducing annual premium while maintaining (or sometimes increasing) their coverage.

JianSheng isn’t one of those people who do this for a few years only to disappear. He’s been in the industry for x years and has over 150 clients.

There’s more to medial insurance than the cost of the policy. There’s the obvious things like the benefits you’re getting, and the terms and conditions of the policy. Then there’s the less obvious, but even more important thing of having someone you can trust to help you through any situations you’re in.

The MMM Guarantee

We know JianSheng is one of the best. In fact, we’re willing to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the policy you end up getting through JianSheng’s suggestion.

Normally you have 7 days after purchasing a policy to get a full refund. This is so insurance agents cannot force you into signing a contract.

However, we believe that you’ll love your policy from JianSheng so much that we’ll guarantee an additional 7 days. This means that if you decide that this policy is not for you in the first 14 days, we will give you a full refund (and pay the money out of our own pockets).

That’s how much we believe in what JianSheng can offer you.