Going back to our theme from last week: showing up; here’s a quick story.

Over 15 years ago, a student invited 5 people to his dorm room to discuss a business idea.

Only 2 of the 5 invited showed up.

Today those two are both Billionaires!

Dustin Moskovitz has a net worth $9.9 Billion.

Eduardo Saverin has a net worth of $5.8 Billion.

And the guy with the great idea?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, with a current net worth of over $35 Billion.

As of Jan 2019 Facebook’s market valuation increased to $390 Billion!

Now, we’re not saying that showing up will make you billionaires.

But we are saying that showing up WILL definitely make you more successful than if you didn’t show up.

What does it mean by showing up?

It means to stop creating excuses on why it won’t work, and to take a leap of faith to learn more about whatever the opportunity you’re being presented is.

We hold our giveaway once a quarter. The point of the giveaway is to encourage you to start getting your finances in order so you won’t have to worry about it in the future.

Over 100 people said they were going to do something about it. Less than 20 people actually did.

Of course, one of the 20 ended up winning the giveaway (congrats again Eugence!), but the other 19 are definitely better off now than they were before taking action.

Our giveaway is happening again.

We hope to see you become someone who will show up.

Market Updates

Weekly market updates from StashAway. This week’s topics include:

  • US politicians stir up conflict with China [1:14]
  • Markets react as countries reopen their economy [3:05]
  • Bitcoin undergoes halving [4:45]
  • Q&A: Is the current uptrend in the market a bull trap? [7:15]
  • Q&A: How will the markets be impacted when baby boomers start drawing down their pension funds? [10:30]

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Useful Youtube Videos

Here are some of the videos we’ve found this past week on Youtube.

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10 Things to check before buying a bank’s share

Why invest in SG REITs during COVID 19


The reason we’re doing that is because we want you to take actions to improve your financial situation. And we’re willing to give you an incentive to do it (after all, you get incentives to buy things all the time, even though it might not be the best thing for you financially).

This is how the giveaway works:

  1. Decide what part of your finances you want to improve
  2. Find which actions will give you the bonus of entering the RM500 giveaway by improving that part of your finances
  3. Take action (ie sign up) on whatever it is that will help you get there (has to be through the links below so we can track)
  4. Once you finish taking action, you can officially qualify to win in the giveaway.
Here are some ways you can qualify for our giveaway happening in
12 May 2020 4

Here’s the full list of the ways you can qualify for the giveaway.

Open an account to trade US Stocks and Options for free
Opening an account is super easy. There are no fees to buying / selling US stocks / options. There are no account fees. The only fee you pay is a wire transfer fee.

Compare the different car insurance providers from one site
Is your car insurance coming up for renewal soon? If so, make sure you check if there are better deals that other car insurance providers are willing to give you by comparing them all at once.

The best part is you can customize what it is you want and have your quotes in real time.

Oh and your No Claim Discount will carry over to the new provider as well.

Check it out today and start saving!

A way for females to get free insurance
We were talking to our super humble financial advisor friend one day and she started talking about some insurance product for females that provides coverage for all these female related illnesses. But more importantly, the contract also states that all the premiums will be returned at the end of the contract.

Seriously something for all females to consider!

Learn how you can be paying 50% less for medical insurance
We had to interview an expert insurance agent who told us ways that we could be reducing our premiums by 50%+ by following these few tricks. Take a watch and qualify for the giveaway after answering a few questions to prove that you had watched the interview.

Figure out investing in 30 minutes and never deal with it again
Truly investing on autopilot. By signing up for Stashaway, you will literally be able to have it automate your investing. Plus with the super low fees, your path to success just got a lot easier.

You can start with any amount as there are no deposit or withdrawal fees!

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Figure out investing in 30 minutes and never deal with it again (halal version)
Truly investing on autopilot (halal version). By signing up for Wahed Invest, you will literally be able to have it automate your investing. Plus with the super low fees, your path to success just got a lot easier.

You can start with as little as RM100 and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

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