Build The Foundation of Money That Allows You to Live Your Dream Life

Are you someone who knows money is important but you don’t know where to start?

It’s unfortunately very common. We were brought up being expected to know all these random things from school, but learned nothing about money. However this feeling of overwhelm doesn’t have to be your story going forward.

Because Money 101 was created to help you build a solid foundation around your finances. It was created so that you can start living the life you want.

It’s actually how I started living that ideal life for myself. I was able to travel one month in South East Asia and one month in the Baltics and pay to climb Mount Kinabalu in one year. And my salary? RM 4000 / month.

Of course, if your goals are different, think about all the money (in this case, about RM 17,000) that you would have that can be used to do what you love.

But all of this is only going to be possible if you’re willing to take action and to sign up for Money 101 (completely free).

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Why is it free?

Our belief is that basic financial literacy should be a human right, just like access to water. And this is what we have created to move that belief forward. All that we wish of you is to share this with the people who popped into your mind as you read this. Maybe you guys can even go through it together!

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