Welcome to the journey of understanding money. Over the next 13 days, you will discover not only how you could have RM 10,000+ more each year, but you will also learn how the rich have been able to get to where they are and how you can do the same thing.

But before all that, I want to acknowledge you for giving yourself the opportunity to take full ownership of your money. The opportunity to have this money create your best life.

After all, isn’t that all money is? It gives you the opportunity to do things that you love, to spend it on those you love, to give you the time and space to do whatever you want?

To give you an idea as to what’s possible, I’ll tell you what I was able to do. This past year, I have been working in malaysia, earning about RM 4000 / month. And during that time, I had the ability to spend one month in Thailand / Loas / Vietnam and another month in Lithuania / Estonia.

Ignore the fact that I was able to travel two months (the company I work for allows me to work from anywhere in the world). The key part here is that I was able to afford paying for flights, accommodation, food and play during those two months. All on a salary of RM 4000 / month.

And by the end of the next 5 days, you too, will learn how to do something similar.

(And if you’re thinking that you’re nowhere near making this much, I’ll be showing you a way that can get you there way faster than waiting for your promotions later in the program).

In the meantime, let’s start with a more basic question. What does money mean to you? Why is it important that you have it?

To me, money means freedom. It means I can pack up my bags and backpack around Asia. It means I can go rent a car and drive around New Zealand (that is actually my plan for next year). It means that I can choose the companies I want to work with, not having to worry about the money that they can pay.

So back to you, what do you think money is? Is it the ability to eat out every day? Is it to buy everything you want? Is it to spend time with those you love? Is it to travel the world? Or is it the ability to say no to the bad work environment? To the long hours. To the unreasonable boss.

Think about that today and write down the 3 most meaningful things that money gives you the ability to do or not do.

And starting tomorrow, we’ll see how to make this a reality.

Your Task

  • Write down the 3 most important things that money gives you the ability to do / feel. We will be working with these things a lot over the next 2 weeks.
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