Over the past week, you have discovered how to reduce your spending and increase your earnings. This by itself has already put you on a whole new level of thinking and living. And if your goal is to become rich, you have all the information you need to get started.

However, getting rich is meaningless if you’re not living the rich life. And by rich life, I’m not talking about having the fanciest cars, or the prettiest dress, or even a latte everyday.

I’m talking about living your best life. Your best life is meant to get your heart to sing, your soul to smile, your voice to laugh, your face to smile.

It’s meant for your eyes to gasp, your nose to get hungry, your ears to drown in bliss.

It’s meant to make you feel like life is amazing.

And money is simply going to make this best life possible.

But do you know what this best life looks like for yourself? Once money is not an issue, what will you do with your time? What are some hobbies or interests you would love to pursue?

These are all hard questions and to make it slightly easier, watch this video and do the exercise associated with it.

Your answers will change as you grow as a person. But in general, this will become your compass. This will become the reason why money is important. The reason why your money will finally fuel your aspirations, not be your limitations.

Your Task

  • Go through the exercise presented in the video
  • Share with the group what you learned about yourself and some of the goals you want to have
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