So far this program we’ve looked at your expenses. Was there a way for you to reduce the expenses that don’t bring you as much fulfillment in order to spend more on things that do? And you most likely found a way to get back 1000 – 10,000. You might have even been like me, and found out that there’s over 25,000 to be saved!

It’s awesome! All that money can go towards the life that you want.

But do you know what’s even more awesome? Finding out how the wealthy got to where they are and then getting on that same path.

We tend to think that it’s hard, but in reality it’s really simple.

It all starts with creating the ideal way that you would like to use your money and then making that goal happen. Something that you’ve already started doing.

In fact, if you implement this idea in your own life, you will see 100,000s more, if not millions throughout your life. But more importantly, you will be able to live your ideal life.

The idea is this: group your money into 4 buckets.

The first bucket is meant for your daily essentials. We’ll call that your daily expense bucket.

The second bucket is for having fun. We’ll call that your fun bucket.

And the fourth buckey is to speed up the amount of money you make. We’ll call that your investment bucket (this is where the millions come from)

The third bucket is for retirement. We’ll call that your retirement bucket.

Using these 4 buckets, you will not only be able to live a great life today, but you will also create a even more exciting future for all your tomorrows. To the point where you will naturally be considered wealthy by your family and friends.

Now that you know what the four buckets are, tomorrow we will go into each one in more depth. So get out your 3 important things and start imagining what it’d be like to have achieved them all!

Your task

  • Look back on the last few days and add up all the extra money you could have if you decided to take action. How would you be able to use that money?
  • Share with the group how much money you’ve been able to save so far!
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