Today is the final day. Over the course of the last 12 days, you had looked at some ways to dramatically cut down your daily expenses. If you followed every single advice, you would be saving over 10,000 / year compared to those who didn’t follow the advice. You’ve also learned a framework that puts you on the path to becoming rich. But just just financially rich, but living a rich life.

And with that, your daily expenses is probably under 60%.

You have 20% dedicated to making sure you have a great time today.

You have 5% dedicated to growing your skills so you will be able to make more money, faster. But more importantly, this 5% is to show yourself that you are in full control of your worth, and that you are worth the investments.

You have 5% dedicated to various activities out to see if you really would enjoy doing them the day you don’t have to work. But instead of waiting for retirement to find out if you like it or not, you have created your own mini retirements by buying back your time. And if you do enjoy doing those things, maybe you’ve found something that will allow you to make some side income.

And finally, you have 10% dedicated for checking off your MIQ. Now you can focus on the experiences, the growth, and the contribution that makes your life fulfilling.

Your money is finally fueling your aspirations instead of becoming your limitations.

But I must leave you with a few final thoughts. Is this your ideal bucket percentages? For me, I decided that buying back time and checking off my MIQ was more important and so I dropped my daily expenses to 40% and my fun to 15%. I’m also lucky in the sense that the company I work for will invest almost anything I ask for (books, programs, conferences etc) so I do not have to pay out of my own pocket (in other words, my skill development is 0%).
I am then able to have 35% more to spend on my travels, which ultimately let me travel for two months.

Not that big of a surprise anymore, right?

And finally, how many golden nuggets do you think you got from this program? How different of a future life do you think you’ll have now because of these nuggets? How much do you think it is worth for you this year and in the next 3 years? If this costed you RM50, would you have bought it? Or would you have said it’s too expensive, and stop yourself from absorbing the material?

It’s okay if others undervalue you, but never undervalue yourself. Always remember that money is meant to fuel your aspirations, not become your limitations.

Your Tasks

  • Is the current way we’re splitting your money the ideal for you?
    *If not, what would that ideal look like?
  • How are you going to continue to show yourself that you’re worth more than what other people say you’re worth?
  • How will you continue to minimize your money spent on things that don’t matter to you so that you’re able to spend even more on things that do?
  • Which two friends do you think would really benefit from goring through this program?
  • Share with the group what you’ve learned the last 13 days and what you plan on implementing into your life
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