By now you have a pretty good understanding of your spending. Today, we talk about the other aspect of growing wealth: the ability to make money. Money that can match, if not excel the amount you were able to get back from the first part of the program. Money that can seriously make the 3 important things happen.

But before we get into that, here’s a question for you to ponder on: do you think your value is determined by you or by society?

Do you think your value is the marks you got at school? Do you think your value is the pay you’re getting at work? Do you think your value is what your family and friends think it is?

For some of us, we will think that. For most others, we will think no, but it’s too hard to change it. Then there are the wealthy who will not only not accept what people say, but actively do something to change everyone’s perception. These are the people who will always tell themselves that they are better, that they are bigger, and that they will make it happen.

The wealthy who will not only not accept what people say, but actively do something to change everyone’s perception

So where exactly am I going with this?

Here’s another question. Have you actively worked on growing your value without waiting for someone else to tell you to do it?

Have you ever bought a book in the field you are studying or working in to learn from the best?

Do you regularly read blogs and listen to podcasts from the thought leaders in the industry?

Here’s one thing you’re actively doing: you’re going through this program. And because you’re going through this program, you have found new ways to save, new ways to think about money, and by the end of this journey, you will be on a path that will be better than 70% of your peers.

Because you are going through this program, you will be on a path that will be better than 70% of your peers.

And the same thing can be done for your career. Instead of waiting a year or two (or even longer) to get the big promotion and the big salary raises, you can actively learn the skills required for that big role now. You can actively participate in meetings with insights that will surprise your team.

You can tell and show yourself that you’re worth investing money into by buying the books, or the courses that will accelerate your growth.

This is what I did in my first job. I wanted to accelerate my growth and was asking my manager if the company could buy me a specific book. I was told no. So instead of letting my value be determined by the company (by saying no, they were essentially saying that I wasn’t worth it), I decided to buy the book myself and learned the materials myself.

I had not only told myself that I was worth it, but I showed myself that by buying the book.

And after that, I had bought and finished dozens of books over the next few months.

Show yourself that you’re worth investing money into

Because I was constantly telling myself that I’m worth it, that I’m worth more, that I will not accept the limitations that the company had placed on me, I quickly became the most valuable members within my team. I had the eyes of many other managers within the company and even the CEO.

Within a year, I was making 4400 a month – 900 more than I had first started. More importantly, I had broken out of the limitation that was placed on me.

So back to you. Do you think you’re limiting yourself, or do you think you can become much more than what you’ve been given the chance to do? Are you going to let someone else decide your value, or will you take control of your own life?

Who’s determining your value? Will it be society or yourself?


Here are some suggestions for taking ownership of your life:

  • Write down what you think your ideal career would look like. What role will you hold?
  • What roles are most likely required to get you there?
  • Do you know anyone in those roles that you have written down?
  • If so, ask if you can take them out for coffee or a meal. Then pick their brains – how did they get there? Who do they look up to? Who are they learning from? What skills do they think are most important in the role? Do they have advice on how you can also become like them?
  • After talking to a few people, list out what you personally believe is the most important
  • How do you get experience on the important items? Are there blogs, books, facebook groups?
  • Immerse yourself in growing those skills

This is the best way to make more money and where all the millionaires are made. They never let someone else determine their worth. Instead, they will find ways to improve their skills and force society to live up to their standards. So never give your life value to someone else to decide.

Your Task

  • What can you do to show people that you are worth more than what they’re paying you?
  • Who can you talk to in order to fast-track your career?
  • What blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, books can you start paying attention to in order to speed up your skill growth?
  • Spend 5% of your income making these things happen.
  • Share with the group what are some ways you’re thinking of developing your skills
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