So we’ve looked at checking off some of your MIQ experiences by taking unpaid time off or extending the time between our jobs and then using that time to make some of those MIQ things happen.

But what about the rest of the MIQ items? What if we don’t need to take unpaid time off to make those happen? Well that’s what this last bucket is for: to check off our MIQ experiences.

Let’s completely rewrite the rules that society has set for us. Let’s stop making money for the sake of buying things that don’t really matter to us in the long run. Instead, let’s go straight for the experiences that do matter. Let’s climb those mountains, swim with those dolphins and meet those people on the other side of the world.

And let’s get our money to make these things happen now by putting aside 10% of our income with the sole purpose of checking off our MIQs.

Tomorrow is the last day. We will put everything we’ve learned together and who knows, maybe you’ll notice something different.

Your Task

  • Write down the easiest thing for you to accomplish from the MIQ exercise a few days ago
  • How much money do you think it’ll require you to make it happen?
  • Start saving up for that experience
  • Share with the group the MIQ that you want to accomplish first
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