win prizes for taking actions to improve your finances

Have you made a promise to yourself or to your loved ones that you will take some sort of action to get your finances in order?

But then you don’t know where to start so you watch Netflix and eventually life gets the way and you make no progress throughout the whole year?

And then you wonder why can’t someone make more fun to do?

Well, now we have.

We want to see you succeed which is why once a quarter, we will run a MoreMoney Giveaway where there will be prizes worth up to RM500.

The next giveaway is in

How to qualify

Step 1: Complete one MMM approved action this quarter

The whole point of this is to help improve your financial situation and the only way that will happen is by you taking action.

We have listed down all the More Money Malaysia approved actions for you to choose from.

Step 2: Get additional entries to the giveaway

Once you have your first entry to the giveaway, answer a bunch of polls and surveys to get additional entries (these are all much easier to get!)

Step 3: Follow us on social!

We put out exclusive content (and opportunities) on different social media platforms so be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!

MoreMoney approved actions

We want to make sure the chances of your success is as high as possible which is why every one of our approved actions have a team of people behind it to support you.

Don’t see an action you wish would qualify? Let us know and we’ll see how we can support it!

Start investing

If you want to start investing, taking action from one of these will get you started.

An action here is to open up one of these accounts.

Click here see your options.

Build your safety net

A safety net is one of those things that you will want to have but you wish you never have to use it.

This is particularly true with insurance.

If you haven’t been able to find someone you can trust to have this conversation, the people we’ve partnered up with can be a good place to start (we’ve already vetted them).

They’ve already agreed to simply analayze your needs – what you do with that information after is up to you.

An action here is to talk to one of our partners.

Click here see your options.

Build your financial knowledge

If you don’t have the time to read, then this is for you.
We’ve summarized many different topics into short video series.

A qualified action is to watch a series and pass an online test.

Click here see your options.


If you've always wanted to be able to say that you make money while you sleep, investing is your way in.
Taking any of these actions will really speed you up on your investing journey. In fact, some of them may even be the only action you’ll ever need to take!

Sign Up For Robo Advisor Stashaway

If you want to automate your investing (and do better than almost all unit trusts), then you should sign up for the robo advisor Stashaway. As a bonus, you will get up to RM375 in additional savings.

You will qualify for the giveaway once you fund your account (instructions will be sent once you sign up on the next page)

Sign Up For Halal Robo Advisor Wahed

If you're looking for a halal way of automated investing, then you should sign up for the robo advisor Wahed. As a bonus, you will get RM40 in cash from going through us!

You will qualify for the giveaway once you fund your account (instructions will be sent once you sign up on the next page)


Even though we hope (or plan) to never use, it’s one of those things we also never want to be without on the off case that we ever need it.

That said, here are some insurance things that we know will help make sure you’re not being taken advantage of.

Compare Car Insurance Online in Real Time

Compare and buy your car insurance from the comfort of your own home.

No Claim Discount will also be carried over

You can only compare 2 months before your insurance is due for renewal

You will qualify for the giveaway once you purchase car insurance from the platform.

Watch How to Reduce Premiums by 50%+

If you still don't have insurance, watch this video on how you can reduce your premiums by 50%+.

You will qualify for the giveaway once you watch the video and complete a quiz.

Talk to a Trusted Advisor About Medical Insurance

Are you finding it hard to find someone you can trust that will have your best interest at heart?

If so, we have a few advisors who we have vetted and know that they will give you advice that’s actually helpful.

Talk to one today.

You will qualify for the giveaway once you talk to our trusted partner (you don’t have to buy anything).

For Women: Free Female Medical Insurance

There’s a medical insurance policy for women that will give back everything you’ve paid for it and will even pay you when you:

  • get married
  • buy a house
  • have a child

    Talk to our trusted advisor about it.

    How to qualify for giveaway: talk to advisor (no purchase necessary).

  • Build Your Financial Knowledge

    Ever wanted to improve your financial knowledge but just don’t have the time? Now you can watch videos that our partners have created instead of trying to find the information yourself.

    Sorry we are still in process of filming this content for you. Check back next quarter!