The Best Insurance for Seniors: Zurich SeniorGold

There are many things you have to think about as you enter your golden years. If you’re approaching 50 and above, one of the most important aspects to consider is your finances. You may be considering how to provide for yourself after your retirement. This becomes increasingly important especially in the event of ill health. What happens to you and what you do in your golden years affects your loved ones more than you will ever know. This is why we have looked for the best insurance for seniors and found that Zurich SeniorGold is currently the best.

Back in 2015, my own mother passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. It was not unexpected, but it taught me many important lessons about the legal and technical side of someone’s passing. Yes, it was emotionally painful, but there were many things to take care of, beginning with her funeral, moving on to her will, her EPF, transferring the ownership of her assets and many more. All these took a couple of years to settle, and needless to say it took up a lot of costs too, especially her funeral.

Insurance As Financial Cover

I’m glad to say that my mother was a very conscientious person. She provided for us financially after her death, and this means that all the funeral and legal costs were covered and we didn’t have to be burdened with having to think of where to scrape together the money. I cannot imagine the amount of stress we would have gone through if we had to experience financial strain in addition to grieving.

The one reason my family and I were free from financial stress at the passing of my mother was that she had an insurance policy. The payout really helped us cope in the months following her passing, and helped with the maintenance costs of the home too.

This is the reason why having an insurance policy in your senior years is important. It has many benefits, especially if something unexpected happens to you.

Zurich SeniorGold: Insurance With Guaranteed Acceptance

One policy you can definitely consider for your golden years is Zurich’s SeniorGold policy. This interesting policy is specially designed to cover anyone aged 50 – 80. The best part is, anyone can qualify for it without having to go through any medical certification or examination. This means you can purchase the policy no matter what your health condition is. No questions will be asked. As long as you fulfill the age requirements, you’re qualified to be a policy holder.

Additionally, the monthly premium for this policy is fixed at RM50 per unit, and you can buy up to a 10 units. This means that you pay between RM50 -RM500 per month, according to what you can afford. The premium does not increase even as you age and stays the same throughout the entire period. The policy matures when you turn 100, at which time you can collect the entire value of your investment.

Zurich SeniorGold Helps Ease Your Family’s Financial Burden Upon Your Passing

Interestingly, this policy also features an accidental death benefit, which your family can collect. The payout is 2-5 times the amount in your account, as well as the total value of your investments. The younger you are, the higher the payout. This means that if you pass on between 50-65 years old, your family can obtain five times your basic sum assured. If you pass on between 66 and 80, the payout is three times the basic sum assured and if you pass on after 80, the payout is twice whatever your basic sum assured is.

Apart from an accidental death payout, your family will also be payouts in the event of a natural death. If it happens within two years of buying the policy, anything invested will be refunded to your heirs, whereas if it happens after two years, your family will benefit from your investment sum plus the total account value ( which includes interests earned, etc.)

Zurich SeniorGold is Affordable and Easy to Obtain

If you are a senior citizen, you would probably have heard horror stories about how your peers have been rejected from other insurance policies. Even worse, you may have experienced rejection yourself. This is bound to cause you worry and anxiety, as you search for insurance. Well, with Zurich’s SeniorGold, you can rest easy. This policy does not ask any questions about your health or wellbeing.You are guaranteed to be accepted as a policy holder, as long as you are 18 years old and above. This means that although the policy covers those 50-80 years old, you can start investing when you’re even younger than 50.

Additionally, with a monthly premium as low as RM50, you can purchase this policy no matter what your income level is. This policy is also flexible, in that allows you to purchase up to 10 units per month, with each unit valued at RM50 premium per month. So, you only need to pay what you can afford. The premium remains constant throughout your life, up until the policy matures when you turn 90.

Each unit in this policy translated to a very high basic sum insured. The highest per unit sum insured is RM17,397 for females aged 50 and RM15,915 for men of the same age. Remember that this amount is multiplied by the number of units you purchase. Therefore, if you’re a woman aged 50 and you buy 5 units, you’ll be assured for RM17,397 x 5 which is RM86, 985. This amount will be further multiplied by 5 and paid to your family in the case of accidental death.

Love is Providing Security

There are many ways people show love for their families. Some like saying it out loud and giving hugs. Others may be more reserved and not say anything. You can always show your love and concern for your family by easing their minds and finances after your passing. This too, is an act of family love and compassion.

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