The Best Broadband Internet in Malaysia

The best broadband internet in Malaysia has traditionally been super expensive. However, with the new government’s initiative to reduce the cost, all the big broadband players in Malaysia have released their newest pricing. In some cases, these prices are 50%+ cheaper than before! Just think of how much extra money you’ve been paying them the last few years… However, just because they have dropped their prices doesn’t mean that you can just go with any provider you want. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best broadband internet in Malaysia.

What do you use your broadband internet for?

But before we get into that, it’s important to know what exactly your broadband is going to be used for. Are the people who will be using the broadband going to be watching Youtube and Netflix all day long? Do they scroll through social media all day? Or are they photographers, graphic designers and videographers?

The reason that question is important is because that will determine what the best internet plan in Malaysia you would use.

What’s important when determining the best broadband package for you?

There are two main things that determine the best internet plan for you. The first one is broadband quota and the other is broadband speed.

How much quota do you need

When it comes to broadband quota, you want to make sure that you will not run out of quota before it resets, otherwise it will cost a lot to top up.

The following is about how much quota you will need for some of the most common things we do on the internet:

  • According to Netflix, watching 1hr on HD takes 3GB and watching 1hr on Ultra HD takes 7GB
    Note: unless you’re watching on a really big TV that can show Ultra HD, you won’t notice the difference
  • Watching 1hr of youtube takes about 1GB on HD
  • Scrolling for 1hr on facebook and instagram takes about 100MB
  • Playing an intense game (not the ones for phones) will take about 200MB an hour

Although that’s a lot of information, a good rule of thumb is if your house watches Netflix and youtube for more than 1 hour a day, you will want to get a plan that has no quota

How fast does your broadband internet need to be

The other thing that is important is the speed of your broadband internet. And when we say important, it’s not actually that important.

Here’s a general idea of how fast you will need your internet plan to be:

  • If you watch Netflix, you will need 5mbs for HD and 25mbs for ultra HD
  • You will need about 2.5mbs for Youtube on HD
  • For scrolling on social, you won’t need more than 2mbs
  • For gaming, you won’t need more than 2mbs

Another way of looking at this is you will probably use 10mbs per person living in the house.

The Best Broadband Internet in Malaysia for you

Now that we know the two things that you need to take into consideration, let’s look at the best broadband plan that you can find in Malaysia.

For the house that has less than 4 people

This is the plan that is most likely more than enough for many of you. If you have 3 or fewer people living together, you should get Maxis’ 30mbs plan for RM89 / month. It has unlimited quota (which means you can watch as much as you want) and also has enough speed for all of you to be watching your own videos.

This is the plan that our founder is also personally on.

For the house that has more than 3 people OR has a TV that can show 4k ultra HD

If the description fits you, you should get TIME’s 100mbs for RM99 / month. This too, has unlimited quota and can handle ultra HD

For the people who are constantly downloading and uploading big files (photographers, graphic designers)

If you’re constantly working with files that are a few GB, you can use a 100mbs, but you’ll end up waiting a long time which can be a waste of your time. Instead, I would suggest TIME’s 500mbs at RM139.

Shouldn’t I just get faster speed?

A very common question we get is why can’t we pay slightly more for higher speeds. Well, you can. If you want to waste money. Even if you had the fastest speed out there, your video is still going to play at normal speed. And it’s not like you want to watch your video at 100x the speed either.

But because many of us don’t understand that we will never use those types of speeds, all the telcos will want to promote their fastest plans to make more money off you, knowing that you would never actually use it.

This is why we only recommend those who are constantly downloading and uploading big files to think about the higher speeds. Everyone else will be simply wasting their money.


The best broadband that you can get in Malaysia is somewhat dependent on how many people would be sharing the internet and what they do. A good rule of thumb is that you would want a broadband plan that has unlimited quota and 10mbs per person using it.

For most people, the 30mbs MaxisOne Home Fibre that costs RM89 is the one that most people should be using while the TIME 100mbs at RM99 would fit homes who have more than 3 people.

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