How to Select the Best Maternity insurance in Malaysia

In this world of social phenomenon and advanced technology, we feel like we own the world at the palm of our hands. But with your first-born baby on its way, you certainly do not feel the same level of security. You worry about your child’s well-being and future and the uncertainty of so many things going wrong scares you. The best decision in this crucial moment is to have a maternity insurance so that when the time comes, you can solely focus on your parental duties rather than worrying about the financial expenses.
Before you we get to how to select the best maternity insurance, you should first understand…

What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity insurance is designed to cover all medical expenses related to pregnancy. To start with the basics, it covers for the labour and delivery charges. Plus, it offers you financial back up for prenatal care and any pregnancy complications that you may experience during your pregnancy term. To top it off, some policies come with free routine check up to ensure your baby’s safekeeping at every phase.

After your child is born, the service of this plan extends to post delivery and maternity care. If you need added hospitalizations or your baby is diagnosed with any congenital disease, the insurance has extended riders to cover for these expenses, protecting you from any potential expenses.

Why Maternity Insurance is Important for Your Expectant Child in Malaysia?

Do you know that pregnancy complication involving obstetric embolism is as high as 23% in Malaysia? And then there are cases of maternity deaths or premature babies leaving you to wonder how to cover for these potential expenses in advance. That is why having a maternity insurance is the best option to relieve you of the financial burden that revolves around your expected child.

The insurance pays for your hospitalization bill during child birth letting you unburden a huge financial obstacle in this critical time, because to be frank, treatment in private hospitals is quite expensive now-a-days whether it is a caesarians or normal delivery. Moreover, the insurance takes care of both the mother and the child throughout any pregnancy complication. The service is also extended to your child until he/she reaches a certain age. As for premiums, it depends on the extent of coverage you seem fit. Plus, you can get tax benefits on the claimed premium paid for maternity insurance.

Though these number games may seem a little overboard to you right now, you will see the need when the baby comes along. You will not only be fully invested in mind and body to take care of this little life, but the financial circumstance will also be of extremely relevant if you want your baby to have a healthy and bright future.

What to Seek in Maternity Insurance Malaysia?

Malaysia has some of the best maternity insurance policies, but you need to select the one which best caters to your need and financial capacity. Make sure that your policy covers your entire pregnancy expense including health checkups, tests, hospital expenses and unexpected medical complications.

Apart from the basic coverage in maternity insurance, look for policies which covers for post-delivery hospital stays, premature delivery and incubation cost. Also consider the fact that congenital disease such as Down’s syndrome are more common these days and can have dire financial implication if you do not have back up. So, your preferred maternity insurance plan must also cover for such critical and congenital illness.

To be able to customize your maternity insurance to your needs, ask your agent to walk you through the benefits and process of the insurance (and if you don’t have an agent you can trust, we have partnered that we have personally vetted). This will allow you to have full acknowledgements of the terms and conditions subjected to the policy.

Also make sure that the waiting period of your policy is as short as possible as some insurance companies hold more than 3 years of waiting period, restricting you to enjoy the benefits during those years.

What is the Ideal Time to Look for Maternity Insurance?

You must start ahead to find the best maternity Insurance in Malaysia. It is best to look for a baby insurance at least 3-12 months in advance of planning the baby.

Starting early on your maternity insurance is important because many times, your maternity insurance may be revoked by insurance companies if you are already pregnant during the time of taking the insurance. They reject the application based on pre-existing condition. Besides, some maternity insurance takes 3-4 years to trigger and become fully active. So, it is better to pre-plan this insurance so that you can use it effectively when the time comes.


We all like to see our children live a long-accomplished life but that is only possible if they are in good health. To make that happen, choose the best insurance policy for your child that includes all the qualities discussed above.

If you have any questions or want some personalised information, feel free to leave a message below and we will connect you with one of our partner financial planners.