Before we go into the step by step guide of entering the RM500 giveaway using StashAway Simple, you should understand why we are even doing this giveaway.

Note: please read everything here so you do not miss any steps.

About the RM500 Giveaway

The giveaway is our initiative from More Money Malaysia to help Malaysians take actions that will improve their financial future. We want to encourage you to do things that are in your best interest by giving you a chance to win different prizes including RM500 in cash.

Previous giveaway winner

We understand that you may be questioning if this giveaway is real. Luckily for you, it is (and you also don’t pay us anything to enter).

But if you still don’t believe it, here’s a recording of one of our previous giveaways.

And here is the testimonial of the person who actually won:

Why We Like StashAway Simple

Unlike fixed deposits, StashAway Simple is a cash management portfolio without restrictions. It makes doing more with your cash, well, Simple. 

It requires:

  • No minimum balance
  • No limit on the balance that can earn a projected return of 2.4%
  • No deposit requirements or withdrawal restrictions
  • No management fees, setup fees, or exit fees

StashAway Simple is also Shariah-compliant whereby Muslims are allowed to use it.

The last but not least, with StashAway Simple, you are allowed unlimited transfers in and out of StashAway portfolios (Unlike Fixed Deposits)

StashAway Simple are same concept as fixed deposits, BUT with no restrictions.


How to Sign Up for RM500 Giveaway Using StashAway Simple

Here are the steps to enter the giveaway by using StashAway.

  1. Sign up for StashAway Simple through us. That way we can track the people who should be in the giveaway. If you did not get to this page through our email, then please sign up here
  2. During the signup process from StashAway Simple, you will get an email with the subject line: Get a ‘Your account has been verified’. Keep that as you will need to submit it in a future step.
  3. Once you finish signing up for StashAway Simple, you will be asked to fund your account. Deposit any amount you’d like to get started for investing and you will get a ‘We’ve received your funds’ email from StashAway. Save that as you will also need to submit that.
  4. Fill out this form to show us everything was followed.
  5. Sign up for BigPay as we will be using BigPay to pay the winner (they are also the best card to use for travelling and for buying things that are not in RM).
  6. Officially join the giveaway on this page
    once you officially join, you can answer a few polls and surveys we have to get additional entries.When we draw the winner, we will confirm that the steps were followed properly. If the steps are not followed properly, the person will automatically be disqualified from winning.

    How to Sign Up for BigPay

    BigPay is an e-wallet from AirAsia. We love it because it gives you the real exchange rate and does not charge any fees. That means you can save a lot of money when you travel or when you buy things that are not in RM.

    In fact, we saved over RM1500 in 2019 using BigPay because of those reasons.

    BigPay also gives you RM10 for signing up:

    1. Download the BigPay app (andriod) or (iOS)
    2. Enter in your information so BigPay can send you your own card. Use referral code B7D3YNZPGO for a free RM10
    3. Finish the rest of the registration (including a deposit of RM20 so BigPay knows that you are real – the RM20 is instantly spendable on your BigPay card once you activate it)
    4. Wait 3-5 business days and get your card delivered to you completely free