Homestays in Kuala Lumpur

One of the things I had wanted to do this year besides travel 3-4months was to go on a short trip (think 4-5 days) once every 3 months with my girlfriend.

We had done this in January, and the trip cost us approximately RM1000 each which is a lot of money if we were to be doing this regularly.

However after discovering the amazing world of homestays, we've been doing monthly homestays in Kuala Lumpur and are also saving money as well.

In other words, we're now getting more time together at a much cheaper price.

How we save RM500 while increasing the amount of vacation time

Each homestay we have done in Kuala Lumpur has consisted of us finding a part of KL that we wanted to explore and then finding an Airbnb or hotel in that area to rent for 1-2 nights.

These nights are always a Friday and / or Saturday which means we do not have to take any vacation days.

We budget RM500 total for the staycation, but we usually end up spending less than RM400.

Doing this once a month means we have budgeted RM1500 for staycations in Kuala Lumpur, which is RM500 less than our 4 day trip to Bali in January (which we spent around RM2000)

What is homestay

Homestay is to have a vacation somewhere local (typically in the city that you live). This is a great alternative to doing a full vacation because you can go on a staycation in KL a lot easier and more often than doing a vacation.

Doing a homestay means that you will be able to recharge and relax without having to pay a premium.

How do you organise a homestay

Organising a homestay in KL or homestay in Melaka is the same. All you have to do is follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Decide where you want to go

Homestays are primarily focused on a specific part of the city so you have to decide what part of the city you want to explore. We recommend you either do one part of the city you really love or a part of the city that you want to explore.

Step 2: Decide the budget for the staycation

How much would you (and can you) spend for the staycation? By having a lower budget, you will be able to afford more staycations, but a higher budget will allow you to do more with the staycation itself.

For us, we decided that we wanted to do one staycation a month and then do a bigger trip together once a year so we arrived at our total budget of RM500.

Your staycation budget will be different.

Step 2: Decide where you want to stay

Now that you have a location in mind, it's time to find a place to stay. Do you want a fancy place or would you rather spend more of your budget eating and shopping? This is the main question you need to answer before deciding what accommodation you will book. Once you're ready to book, we recommend using a website like Airbnb or

Step 3: Write a list of everything you want to do on this staycation

Do you want to explore a market, or go on a mini shopping spree in a mall? Or do you want to go out for fancy meals and party it out?

While you come up with the list of things you would like to do, it's also important to come up with how much you think it will cost to do those things so you can make sure that you stay within budget.

Step 4: Have fun

Now that you know where you will stay and what you will do, it's time to get excited and have fun. You've just successfully created a staycation, saved a lot of money, and maybe discovered new places you will want to go back.