Arissto Coffee Review

Arissto Coffee Review

Arissto coffee has a great value proposition with the ability to rent their coffee machine for RM1 / month, making your daily cup of coffee cost as little as RM2. But it doesn't matter how cheap their coffee is if it tastes terrible. Which is why we got our own Arissto machine to do an Arissto coffee review.

If you aren't interested in the process of getting the Arissto coffee machine and the Arissto coffee capsule, and you just want to hear what people from all over the world say about the coffee, then skip right to the end.

Or you can test it out yourself at the next Arissto Party. Try out all the different coffee and tea completely free!

Arissto Coffee Review

We had a bunch of people try out the Arissto coffee to see if they would like the taste (and many of these are Westerners where coffee culture is much stronger). The results were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, there were a few people who said that this coffee is actually better than Starbuck's coffee, which surprised even us!

But don't let us tell you that. Here are a bunch of the recorded (and non-edited) videos.

It's definitely better than starbucks – vika from Russia- 8
It's a pretty good expressio – katie from America – 7
Taste wise, it's on point – Daniella (A colombian who drinks coffee since she was 3)
It's good, it's better than a starbucks – Marta from Ukraine
I get the beans and I grind them myself […] I'll give it a 7 out of 10 – Kiel from Philippines
It's like a dark roast but it's not as pungent – Austin from America

Review of signing up for Arissto coffee program

Arissto isn't something you can just buy off the shelf (instead of getting you to pay hundreds for the machine, Arissto will rent you the machine for RM1 / month). That means that you will have to order it online.

The ordering process is pretty simple. All you have to do is choose what coffee capsules you want in the initial order, what coffee capsules you want in future orders and how often you want the orders to be delivered to you. Then you enter in your payments details, choose if you want the machine shipped to you (for a fee) or pick it up, and you're set.

In our case, we decided to ship it as it only costs RM50 and we would much rather pay that instead of getting stuck in traffic.

The only hard part about this process is that Arissto calls their drinks differently from other coffee shops and they do not have a breakdown of what each coffee capsule is like. This makes it much harder to just order online.

Our Arissto coffee review for signing up? 7/10 only because we had to do a lot of digging to understand what coffee capsules we wanted to order.

But if you want to know all about the Arissto coffee options, we've written a complete guide for Arissto coffee.

Review of setting up the Arissto coffee machine

The Arissto coffee machine came within 5 business days later and the whole thing was already assembled. All we had to do was take it out of the box, fill up the water for the machine and then run the machine with just water to get the insides cleaned out. Within a few minutes, we were ready to put in our first coffee capsule.

Inserting the capsule was also very simple. The capsule can only go in one way and once inside, we just had to close the flap to secure the capsule in place. And with a click of a button (whether you want an espresso or an americano), your coffee will start coming out (and yes, we did have a cup waiting on the other end).

As soon as the coffee was coming out, the auroma was filling up the space instantly.

Our Arissto coffee review for setting up the coffee machine and using the Arissto coffee capsule? 10/10