AirAsia Big Prepaid Now AirAsia BigPay – What That Means For You

AirAsia Big Prepaid Now AirAsia BigPay – What That Means For You

To celebrate AirAsia Big Prepaid being called AirAsia BigPay, AirAsia is offering everyone RM10 for signing up with a referral code. If you have no referral code to use, you can use B7D3YNZPGO. But you should act soon as who knows when AirAsia will stop offering all this free money. To get started, download the BigPay app (andriod) (iOS)

If you didn’t know, AirAsia had replaced their Big prepaid mastercard with BigPay in early 2018. Nothing has really changed as the AirAsia Big prepaid mastercard used to just be a prepaid mastercard where you would have had to log into your bank account (they had partnered with CIMB to give you more rewards) and send money into your Big prepaid account. Then you would then be able to use the Big prepaid mastercard to make your purchase and when you did, you would get BIG points that you would then be able to redeem for AirAsia flights or merchandise.

The new AirAsia BigPay still does all of this. Bigpay still comes with a prepaid mastercard but what makes it better is instead of having only having certain ways to top up your prepaid mastercard, there are now dozens of ways. You can top up the BigPay mastercard by logging into your bank, or by using other debit and credit cards.

(And if you want to see how to take full advantage of what used to be AirAsia Big prepaid, take a look at BigPay Malaysia Review – How It Can Save You Hundreds)

The benefits of using AirAsia BigPay

Also, with AirAsia Big prepaid mastercard, you would have to go to their site to check your balance. Now with AirAsia Bigpay, you can download the BigPay app and see all your information right away.

Not only that, but you can also see your spending history and send or request money from your friends. In other words, AirAsia has gone into the ewallet space with their BigPay card.

And because AirAsia is actively trying to get as many people to use BigPay, they have offered many incentives such as a referral bonus of RM10 to everyone who signs up with a referral code, but more importantly, they are not charging any fees to use the card anywhere in the world (unless you withdraw from an ATM).

This means that this is by far the best card you can have when travelling and is something I plan on taking full advantage of when I am going to be stuck in Shanghai airport for 13 hours later in December when I am on my way to Canada (which I also plan on only using BigPay).

If I didn’t have BigPay, I would have either had to go to a currency exchange place or go to an ATM. Both of them would have charged me huge fees.

However, because everywhere in Toronto accepts mastercard, I will be able to use BigPay everywhere (since it is just a prepaid mastercard) and get charged Malaysian Ringgit without any additional costs.

Update: I have gone through that trip as well as going to Indonesia and New Zealand. It has now saved me over RM1000 as well as a lot of time. You can BigPay Malaysia Review – How It Can Save You Hundreds)

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Similar to AirAsia Big mastercard, BigPay is also a prepaid mastercard but with a lot of added bonuses and an interface that makes it a lot easier to top up and to track your spending.

After you apply and receive your BigPay mastercard, you will be able to log into your BigPay app and choose the way you want to top up your account. Topping up takes seconds and as soon as you’re topped up, you’re able to use the card anywhere where mastercard is accepted.

From there, what you do is completely up to you! I personally use it to buy things online that are not charged in Malaysian Ringgit in order to take advantage of BigPay’s exchange rate (they give you the exchange that they are charged so they are not making any extra money off you with fees). This is a way better option that most credit cards in Malaysia.

How to apply for the AirAsia BigPay mastercard

It is super simple to apply for an AirAisa BigPay mastercard. In fact, you can get through these 5 steps in less than 5 minutes:

  1. Download the BigPay app for either andriod or iOS
  2. Fill out your information so that they can send you your very own BigPay mastercard. Make sure to enter in a BigPay referral code B7D3YNZPGO to get your free RM10 after you top up RM20 to show them that you are going to use it. You will get the prepaid mastercard within 3-5 business days. During this time, you can check your BigPay app to see the status of your card.
  3. Once you get the card, go back onto your app and enter in the 3 digit pin on the back of your card to activate your BigPay mastercard.
  4. Start using the BigPay card and enjoy all the great benefits!