4 Things Crazy Rich Asians Teaches Us About Money

I probably heard about Crazy Rich Asians a week or two before it was released. I didn’t think much of it, I’m not normally a movies type of guy. However, once it came out, I was constantly hearing about how amazing of a show it was. My social feed was full of people’s ticket stubs. So I decided to find out what the hype was (it also helped that I had just finished climbing Mt Kinabalu the day before and was too tired to do anything else.

After two hours of laughing throughout the movie, my friend and I were discussing the movie – was the movie actually representing the crazy things that some rich people do? Were they doing a good job representing eastern and western values? And most interestingly, what are people with old money and new money really like?

Throughout the conversation, I also realised that there are a lot of subtle lessons that Crazy Rich Asian can teach us about money (and who knows, maybe lead us to being classified as one in the future as well).

Money Simply Amplifies Who You Are – Good Or Bad

How many of us have heard that money is the root of all evil? Unfortunately, we have grown up believing that it is bad to have money. However, as this movie has shown, money simply amplifies who you already are.

Take Astrid for example. Although completely loaded, she spends most of her time giving to charity. She stops to talk to the little boy. She’s the type of person who we would all love to have as a friend. Collin is the same. He picks up Nick and Rachel from the airport, takes them out to eat and is an all ‘round good guy who you would also love to have as a friend.

Of course you also have all those girls who went to Araminta’s bachelorette party. You know, those girls who left the slit up dead fish on Rachel’s bed.

So if you are already a kind, caring person who will not leave dead fish around, you’ll still be like that with money.

Become The Master Of One Thing

Did you ever notice that throughout the movie, people being categorised by their family name? Was Rachel Chu from the fishball Chu’s? The plastic cup Chu’s? The palm oil plantation Chu’s?

This goes to show you that many of these families focused on one thing and became so good at that one thing that they started to dominate the industry. Even if it was just plastic cups.

So if you want to ever get crazy rich, master one thing. Become one of the best at one thing and you will naturally see your wealth accumulate as people seek out your expertise.

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Money Is Only Part Of the Happiness Equation

Have you ever heard a friend say that they will be happy once they make more money? Yes, there is a minimum that everyone needs to stop worrying about survival to start thinking about happiness, but infinite money will not buy you happiness. Take Astrid for example. Her family is loaded, but her relationship with her husband is a mess (ironically, because the husband felt insignificant to the wealth that his wife has).

There is much more to life than money so never forget to take care of those other parts.

Money Allows You To Live The Life You Want

Not to point out the obvious, but was everyone in the movie living the life they wanted? Nicholas being able to spend his days with Rachel, stealing her food. Or the Leung’s, buying up random hotels on a whim. Or Alister being a film director

It’s easy for us to get caught up with our next paycheque or our bills, but are you truly on the path to living the life you’ve always wanted? Never forget that your money should become fuel to get you to where you want to go, to the life you want to live. It should never be the cause of frustration.