When was the last time you told yourself that you were worth it?

For most people, the answer would have been for some expensive purchase. But when I ask when the last time they had invested in their skill growth, those people would find reasons why they haven’t done it.

Some of those reasons are because they don’t have the money, while others are because they found the book or program too expensive.

It’s true, sometimes these books and programs can be expensive. But what if **you’re subconsciously telling yourself that you’re not worth the investment**? And then you spend even more money buying yourself something to tell yourself that you’re worth it.

But **if you can’t tell yourself that you’re worth the investment, then why should someone else believe that you’re worth it**?

Back in my first job, I wanted to grow in my role faster. And one of the ways I wanted to do so was by reading a very specific book. I brought it up to my manager and he shot me down. I’m sure he has his reasons, but what I got from it was that he didn’t believe I was worth the small investment.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes? Would you have given up and just moved on with your life?

For me, I knew I was worth way more than the cost of the book. And to prove it to myself, I bought it. But not only did I buy that book, I continued to buy dozens of books. And within 6 months, not only had I increased my salary by over US $8000 / year, I had the attention of many different managers, directors and even the CEO. I was becoming one of the top employees in the company.

But that lesson continued to stick with me. I continued to buy books not only for work, but about investing, about money, I also started buying programs about marketing. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had spent more than US $2000 in one year doing that. It might seem like a lot of money, but I knew that I was worth way more than that.

And it started showing quickly. I ended up buying my first property which gives me US $400 / month in profits. My salary from my job had increased by $8000.

But that wasn’t all. People began to notice me. Head hunters began to approach me. The world was starting to realise just how much more I was worth.

So now, back to you.

Are you showing yourself that you’re worth it?

Or are you waiting for your boss to say that you’re worth investing in? That you’re worth more than the current salary you have?

It’s your decision.