You may have thought that financial planners in Malaysia were only meant for the rich people. But here's another idea: what if these rich people got to where they are because they had a professional financial planners create a financial game plan for them to get to where they are today?

What is a financial planner

Simply put, a financial planner is a professional (who has undergone many certification processes) that can help you make sense of your finances and how to get it to support your life goals.

Creates a financial game plan for your life goals

Think of them as waze. You tell them where you want to go, they take your current location (ie situation) and they provide you with a suggested path for you to go. However, it is still your choice whether or not you want to follow their suggestion, or if you want to make as much progress to your goal. And each time you reconnect with the financial advisor, they will help you reroute to the goal (or if your goal has changed, they can help you come up with a new path).

Helps make sure you have the right financial foundation so you don't have to worry

Instead of having to pay attention to every road sign that you drive by to figure out if you need to make a turn, you are left with the ability to enjoy the conversation in the car with your family and friends. Or you can also just enjoy the scenery.

What this means in life is that they are able to take care of your financial foundation (ie insurance), so that you can continue focusing on creating and living the life you want without ever having to worry about the any potential diseases (although you should still try to stay healthy).

Helps advice on the best way to invest

Financial planners are also licensed to help suggest you investment allocations to meet your longer term goals. So instead of having to try to learn all of it yourself, you can use their network and professional expertise to get advice. This once again, allows you to focus on living your life.

Why MMM is partnering up with a financial planning company

Our tagline here at MMM is that your money should fuel your aspirations, not be your limitations. That said, we know that in order for you to start chasing after your life goals, you need to build that solid foundation. Part of that is to understand what money is (which is covered in depth in our free program: Money 101). The other one is to connect you with people who can really help you.

Build a team of financial planning professionals to help you

As in life, you can technically learn and do everything yourself. You can hunt and cook your own food. You can build your own house, you can even build your own car (or go back to riding on a horse). However, you most likely buy food from a restaurant, or a grocery store. You probably just rent a place to live and you probably just bought your own car.

The same is true with financial planning. You can technically go and learn everything there is to know about finances. That can become your lifelong job if you really enjoyed it. OR you can find people who are already doing this professionally. Who actually enjoy this type of thing. And just work with them.

That way you can continue doing what you're good at. Doing what you love. And at the same time, you can know that you already have a financial plan to get you to where you want to be. You're not building a team of people that can help get you to that life you want.

Help you with the vetting of financial planners

Of course, it's not as simple as finding a financial planner or financial advisor and simply going with them. Even though we talk about having someone give you the directions you should take for your finances, you also have to find someone that you trust their sense of direction.

And unless you know what to ask, it's hard to know if they really do have the right direction (if they have the experience needed) or if they are being truthful.

So what are your options? Well you can ask someone else you trust for their recommendation.

And if you trust that we really do want to see you live your best life, then we're willing to put that trust up and partner with Investment Protection Plan. This process did not happen over a cup of coffee. Instead, it took a few months of understanding who they are, what their values are, and what their expertise is like before we really talked about a partnership.

What you can expect from this partnership

So MMM has decided to partner with IPP to become the go to financial planners in Malaysia. What does that mean for you?

Well, the first thing we did when we partnered with them is tell them that we need them to share their expertise, to be willing to educate us on all things financial planning, insurance and investments. Which is why we have started creating a bunch of videos with IPP explaining a bunch of different things.

Besides that, we also believe that everyone should have some sort of financial plan for their lives. Traditionally these types of financial plans would cost RM 888 from IPP, but because they really believe in our mission, and because we're able to help them with many other parts of their business, they have agreed to offer this service to you for RM 88; a 90% discount. No strings attached.

Long term commitment to you

The reason they're willing to do that is because they want to have a long term commitment to you. Instead of viewing you as someone that they can just take money from, they are willing to work with you over the years. To constantly help align your finances to your goals.

Of course, they also do hope that you start trusting that they have your best interest at heart and do work with them in other capacities throughout the years.

Transparent financial advice

IPP is not afraid to share how they come to the conclusion they do. But if there is ever a point in time when you feel like they do not have your interest at heart, please let us know! We will investigate it and if it really is true, then worse case scenario, we will terminate the partnership.


Having a financial plan for your life can really set you up to really accelerate you to your ideal life. Not only are they like Waze, getting you from where you are to where you want to be, but they will give you a bunch of options of the paths you can take to get you there.

MMM has partnered with IPP to be the go to financial planners because we know the value of creating a team of professionals to support your goals. Instead of having to worry about things that you don't enjoy doing, you can now delegate those parts to IPP and continue focusing on creating the life you want.

In order to take advantage of this partnership, you can sign up for getting a customised financial plan.