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About - What We Stand For 1
With money being a taboo to talk among family and friends, we understand how lonely and difficult it can be to go through this mess of personal finance. However, you don't have to go through it alone because we're here to help turn you into a money magnet.

We believe access to the BEST information / advice / investments needs to be available to the public, not just the super rich

The rich are the ones who get access to the best opportunities. We get access to their leftovers.

And don't get us started about the crap advice everywhere around us.

You know, that advice that you hear everywhere. That the best investment is in the stock market, or the best investment is in real estate.

But the money magnets know that's a complete lie. We know that the best investment you can make today is NOT in the stock market, or in real estate. The best investment has absolutely no risk and the upside is easily over 100%.

We believe money should fuel your aspirations, not cause you frustrations

Money is meant to help accelerate you to living the best life possible.

But so many people have it the other way around. They're stuck in a job they hate in order to make money. And then they spend all their money on things that make them feel a little better about their shiity job, only to have to go back to that same job the next day. A never ending spiral.

But not the money magnets. We know that there's a different way to live. We know that we can make our money work for us. That money will help us get out of doing things we hate. That money will allow us to live our best lives.

We will spend money on things we absolutely love and even if that means buying a cup of coffee (or teh terik) everyday, we will do it (contrary to what all these other 'gurus' say).

On the other hand, we will absolutely be ruthless in cutting out things that don't make us go hell yeah. We know that by doing so, we can continue to spend even more on the things that really get us thinking life's amazing.

We believe uniting together will get us the best deals

Most people are going through their financial journey by themselves, or equally bad, with people who also don't anything about money. And because of that, you have a lot of terrible salespeople waiting on the side trying to get you to buy into this or that. Claiming that the product they're offering you is exactly what you want.

But not the money magnets. We know that staying united, we can avoid the people who are more interested in their wallets than in helping you. Better yet, by staying united, we are able to create opportunities that we definitely would not be able to get if we were alone.

We openly communicate what we're looking for and actively share our experiences in order for us all to get the best deals for us.

We believe you're meant to do what you're best at; not what you have no interest in

Most people just want a way to know that they are on the right track to live their lives the way they want to. Yet these people were led to believe that they must master all these things around money that they just have no interest in learning. And because of that, they get tricked into something that they never wanted.

But not you. You understand that doing what you're best at gives you the ability to make far more money than trying to learn something that you have no interest in.

And if you are a money magnet and trust the rest of us, you definitely don't need to spend countless hours trying to go through this yourself.

Get the best money articles summarised for you

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Who we are

More Money Malaysia is the place for money magnets to go to get access to the best information on how to best use / invest your money to create your perfect life. We are not financial consultants, nor do we have any qualifications. However, we continue to vet and build out a team of trusted professionals who excel at what they do in order for you to not have to do it.